Blend Coffee

Please enjoy our original coffee blend crafted by beans carefully selected from around the world.

Delivering the best blends

Detailed quality control at our factory

AVINTI Toyama Factory

Exceptional temperature and humidity control at Toyama factory

AVINTI can help create your own coffee blend products even in small quantities.

Product line (TBA)

Drip coffee bag (single-seving)

Single-seving type Blend variety: Special, Mocha, Roasted etc.

Portion Liquid coffee concentrate


Stick-type Instant coffee  

Instant coffee Black 2 in 1 3 in 1

Enhanced coffee        

Collagen Coffee Protein Coffee CBD Coffee GAVA Coffee

Nitrogen Instant
Coffee Can

Containing nitrogen gas Can coffee 4 year shelf life

RTD (ready-to-drink/canned beverage)

Organic Coffee
Charcoal Coffee
CBD Coffee etc.

Roasted beans        

Various blends Single origin etc.

About OEM product development support

AVINTI offers various coffee products including single origin, black (straight), special blends, canned coffee and more. Please feel free to contact us about support for business brand development with coffee-related products available from small quantities via OEM. These are delivered directly from our Toyama factory.

Coffee vocabulary

Single-origin coffee is classified by the farmer or producer. It’s similar in concept to supermarket labels like ‘Mr. Sato’s tomatoes’.

Unlike single-origin, regular coffee beans are separated by region, such as Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro, Jamacia’s Blue Mountain and Colombia’s Emerald Mountain.

“From seed to cup” is the fundamental philosophy behind speciality coffee. Comprising only 5% of total coffee distribution volume, speciality coffee is defined by beans which clear various standards and score a total valuation of over 80 or more points.