AVINTI (-AVINTI-) produces and sells its original coffee blends made from worldwide-selected, finest-quality beans, natural mineral water rich in “beauty minerals” silica and vanadium, and ultra-soft water from Mt. Fuji.


Please enjoy our original coffee blend crafted by beans carefully selected from around the world.
Original Blend Coffee
original blend
Refresh your soul with ultra-soft water pumped from 100 metres underneath Mt. Fuji's lake 'Yamanaka'.
Mineral water
Original Brand
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Original Blend Coffee

Blend Coffee

A luxurious blend of carefully selected coffee beans from around the world,4 types of AVINTI original blended coffee

Types of blended coffee
  • [Special Blend]
  • [Mocha Blend]
  • [Charcoal Roasted Blend]
  • [Mandheling Blend]

Mt. Fuji's well water

富士山のまあるい水 天然ミネラルウォーター
silica water

AVINTI’s ultra-soft spring water bottled directly from Mt. Fuji named ‘Mt. Fuji’s well water’

World-heritage listed ‘Mt. Fuji’ is a famous water source containing highly concentrated mineral silica, renown for its aid in collagen formation and ability to strengthen hair, teeth, blood vessels, skin, bones and nails growth.


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